Why You Need To Book Now For Europe’s Best River Cruises

river-cruise-europeThe best river cruises don’t just fill up months in advance – they can fill up more than a year before they sail! Discover the top 3 reasons why it pays to book sooner rather than later.

1: You Don’t Want to Miss Out on the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Many experienced ocean cruisers have realized that river cruises offer an intimate environment and premium services. The elegance, convenience, and beauty of a cruise makes for the perfect vacation. As a result, they book year after year – which can make for a difficult booking experience.

Dates and prices have already been released for the 2015 season, so now is the perfect time to make your plans. While it may still be possible to book a cruise six months from now, the best river cruise deals will likely have passed. Booking now increases your chances of not just securing a cruise you like – but also the stateroom category you want.

2: Book Today to Save Big on the Best River Cruises

Right now you can save up to $1500 per stateroom. This deal won’t last forever, and the last thing you want is to book six months from now and pay hundreds more. Don’t wait, since this can lead to a rush to book, and fewer itineraries open for you. Get in on the earliest day of the sale to get the most selection and the best discounts.

3: The More Time You Have to Plan the More You Could Save

For most people, there are other costs involved beyond booking the best cruises. For example, you may need to find airfare for your port of call. If you plan your trip for a year from now, you’d be able to keep a close eye on airfare to ensure you got the best deal. On the other hand, if you waited until a few months before the cruise starts, you’d likely be at the mercy of the airlines and whatever they’d like to charge you.

River cruises offer you the chance to enjoy luxury in a way you simply can’t do on land. Travel from one exciting place to the next, just steps away from the center of it all, while packing and unpacking only once. Your every need is taken care of by attentive crew and staff, gourmet food is at your fingertips, and cultural performances onboard further immerse you in the region.

There’s no need to worry about the hassle of parking, finding the best restaurants, or booking hotels along your path. Instead, you can simply book one of the highly rated river cruises offered in the world, and let the magic wash over you.

Talk to an expert at River Cruise Experts today to get a quote on Europe’s best river cruises for 2014 and 2015!

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