What can I expect on a Yangtze river cruise?

First bend of the Yangtze River

First bend of the Yangtze River


Considering a scenic river cruise in China? Then hop on board with the experts. This trip will leave you completely mesmerized. There is something for everyone irrespective of age, and the best part is that even the seniors can enjoy the calm and entertaining travelling without any complications or complaints. Here’s what is in store for you along the Yangtze River:

Starting off from plateaus of Tibet and cutting a swath through China, the Yangtze River runs for nearly 6,300 kilometers, ending at Shanghai in the East China Sea. The river is responsible for geographically dividing China into the North and South divisions. The Yangtze River is known as the longest inland river in all of Asia and is truly a sight to behold. The Yangtze River region houses an impressive 350 million people. There is plenty to learn from this trip for both adults and the kids. With the amount of cultural diversity one is exposed to on a cruise through Yangtze River, the trip is sure to be an immensely rewarding educational experience too, not just leisure; the kids may even learn a couple of Mandarin phrases. Did you know there are over 150 languages which are spoken amongst the people in China? Dig inside the very interesting history of the river running through China and get to know the Emperors even better.

The Yangtze River cruise passes through beautiful and eye boggling Gorges during this cruise. The Gorges, Shanghai, Beijing, and Xian are the main highlights of the trip. After you have seen the natural beauty of the Georges, which run for about 200 kilometers of high mountain tops and breathtaking scenery, you will learn how they play an important part in preventing flooding in China. The Georges consist of the Qutang Gorge, Wu Georg and Xiling Gorge.

At the mouth of the River Yangtze lies Shanghai. This city is popular for many reasons, being the largest city in China as well as the entire world in terms of population. The nightlife here, not to forget the cars, will leave you astounded. The exquisite cuisine is another reason, among many, that make the city a great place. It also has amazing architecture, which can be seen throughout the city, reflecting American, British, French, German, and Russian influence from the 19 century.

Known as the “Capital City” of China, the city of Beijing has lots in store for you. Having over 20,000,000 residents, the Yangtze river cruise offers opportunities to see China through a whole new perspective. Learn the native cultures, join in on their celebrations, drop the spoons, and learn the art of chopsticks.

The final destination along the Yangtze is Xian. Over 3,100 years old, this city has a fascinating history attached to its origin. Learn how the city came to be what it is today, and how it’s transformations helped China become one of the most dominant countries in the world.

For more information on cruising the Yangtze river, or other river cruises around the world, give us a call at 1-800-565-2784.

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