Travel documents for a Vietnam and Cambodia River Cruise

Cambodian Apsara Dancer

Khmer Apsara Dancer. Photo courtesy of AmaWaterways.

Cruise Experts Travel President, Denis and I are off to Cambodia and Vietnam next month for 15 days sailing the mighty Mekong River aboard AmaWaterways‘ AmaLotus. Expect a blog post on that sometime in June!

In the meantime, you can follow me (@BlaineTravels) and Denis (@DenisTravels) on Twitter. We are going to tweet as much as we can while there, but no guarantees on frequency because as Aaron of reported, Internet was available, but connection was not reliable.

For travel to Vietnam and Cambodia, a visa for each country is required for US and Canadian citizens. If you’re neither, please consult your country’s consulate for travel document requirements. AmaWaterways, and in fact, all cruise lines, bear no responsibility in obtaining such for you.

AmaWaterways requires a copy of your valid passport at the time of final payment or before. As with all international travel, make sure your passport is valid for another 6 months after your trip ends. If AmaWaterways does not receive a copy of your valid passport, they have the right to deny you embarkation and charge you a cancelation penalty.

Start the process of obtaining of your visa as soon you book your trip.

For US and Canadian citizens, obtaining a visa for Cambodia is quite easy. Simply fill out the forms you are given on the plane. When you get off at the airport, head to the counter. Then hand the official behind the counter your passport, a passport style photo, and $20 USD. A few minutes later, you have your Cambodian visa. If you’re entering Cambodia from Vietnam on the river cruise, then formalities are done in Tan Chau.

For Vietnam, you have to get the visa ahead of time. River cruise lines a have a preferred third party service provider that can help. Better yet, when you work with one of our River Cruise Specialists, they’ll send you the appropriate links.

Looking to cruise the Mekong River? Speak with a River Cruise Specialist today at 1-800-565-2784.

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