The Best Retirement Travel Locations for Baby Boomers

Retirement TravelMany retired boomers are looking for a side of adventure in addition to rest and relaxation – and a river cruise is the perfect way to indulge. The best vacation options for more adventurous older travelers are what we call ‘soft adventures’. These styles of river cruises will take you to culture-rich locations such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Russia and even Africa. These itineraries allow travelers to enjoy the relaxation and camaraderie of a river cruise vacation, but include the excitement of exploring exotic off the beaten path destinations.

A Few Soft Adventures for Boomer Travelers

Thailand and Burma (Myanmar)

This river cruise takes you through Myanmar, while enjoying some time spent in Bangkok. Here, you can visit temples and explore communities, tour important pagodas, palaces and even monasteries. This trip is rich with history and art.

The Yangtze River

Take in the spectacular sights of China when you opt for a Yangtze River cruise. This is a trip for those who truly want to immerse themselves in traditional Chinese culture. This cruise, which takes travelers to cities such as Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, introduces you to the birthplace of porcelain, the Three Gorges, Old Shanghai, The Great Wall and much more.

Johannesburg, Nairobi, Kenya and Tanzania

The most incredible vistas await you on this magical cruise along the Chobe River in Eastern Africa. With endless displays of nature and wildlife, this cruise is undoubtedly a photographer’s dream come true. Take in the beauty of Victoria Falls, enjoy a safari or visit a local village. These are some of the many wonderful things to experience on this African river cruise.

This is not your mother’s type of retirement travel. These adventures were tailor-made for retired Baby Boomers looking for much more than just shuffleboard and buffets. A river cruise provides the opportunity to really surround yourself with the culture, language and food of each area that you visit. It’s a more enriching travel experience, and one that you should experience at least once in your life.

Something for the Less Adventurous

Of course, if you’re brand new to river cruising or not looking for quite so much adventure on your next vacation, there are numerous other magnificent river cruises to choose from.

Danube or the Rhine

Both routes are perfect for first-time river cruisers. When cruising the Danube, you can see Budapest, Vienna, the Iron Gates, the Wachau Valley, Nuremberg and more. A Rhine river cruise takes you to Strasbourg, Koblenz, Black Forest, Cologne and Amsterdam. Other interesting European routes include the Seine, Saone, Rhone, and Mosel rivers.

To receive more information about retirement travel locations, or any of our other magnificent river cruises, please contact River Cruise Experts online, by phone at 1-800-565-2784, or follow @RiverCruiseExp on Twitter today.

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