River Cruising in the Winter in Europe

A European river cruise during the cooler months of November and December may be considered a better time to explore Europe than a trip in the summer. What’s loathed in the warmer months isn’t present during this time: high prices, more people, hot weather. Experienced river cruisers and travelers will notice a difference especially in big cities and major river routes. If this is the time of year you would like to travel then read on to learn about your options and what you can expect.

River Routes in the Winter

You won’t find river cruise ships on all main European waterways. For example, the Douro River is not an option in November and December. If it’s well into December you’re looking to sail then, there are three river routes to choose from: the Rhine, Seine, and Danube Rivers. Although cold, it’s a magical time to travel.

A Christmas Market in Europe along the Danube River.

These Christmas Markets are centuries old tradition. Photo courtesy of Aaron Saunders, FromTheDeckChair.com

As the end of November approaches, Christmas markets start to pop up across Europe and this is the main reason people love to do a river cruise this time of year. See the Christmas markets date in this post.

What to Expect

It’ll be cold out, so bundle up. Pack your winter gear, or go out and get some if you don’t have any. Don’t ever let the winter weather deter you from traveling anywhere. You’ll be exploring Europe with less tourists. It’s a festive and jovial time of year. And your hotel and airfare (as well as your cruise fare) are lower than in the warmer months.

winter river cruise

It may be cold out, but there are less people on the streets this time of year.

What you can you expect most of all is a unforgettable river cruise experience, one that’ll take you back in time during one of the best times of the year. The weather may not be ideal, but the overall experience will trump that ten times over.

When you want to learn more about this or any other rive cruise vacation, call to speak with a River Cruise Specialist at 1-800-565-2784 or contact us online.

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