River Cruising in the Pacific Northwest

Columbia-River-Gorge-Sunset-by-Michael-Matti via Cruise Experts Travel

Columbia River Gorge at Sunset. Image by Michael Matti.


When a person thinks of river cruising, what usually comes to mind is an image of floating along winding rivers throughout Europe or the Mediterranean, or perhaps even somewhere more tropical like Southeast Asia.

River cruising in North America is a much less common cruise vacation, however the sights and experiences cruising in the Pacific Northwest can provide a unique vacation experience that is close to home.

Ships sail along the Snake and Columbia rivers, passing through major American cities such as Seattle and Portland, as well as small-town ports like Astoria. While Seattle and Portland are famous for their breweries, winos needn’t feel left out, as over 85% of the Northwest’s vinyards are located along the hillsides, valleys and slopes of the tributary rivers and basins that drain into the Columbia River, and there are several opportunities to sample the local productions.

While much smaller than either Seattle or Portland, Astoria is also a major highlight of a Pacific Northwest river cruise, as it’s nestled on a piece of land where the Columbia river and Pacific Ocean meet. It’s sometimes referred to as a mini-San Francisco because of its Victorian houses, its steep streets, and beautiful waterfront setting.

Aside from the port cities themselves, each day floating down river provides a glimpse at the surprising beauty of the corner of America – from the expansive Hell’s Canyon in Washington, to the cascading Multnomah Falls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, and rolling riverside hills, as far as the eye can see.

To learn more about cruising in the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere else in the world, contact your River Cruise Experts by telephone at 1-800-565-2784, or reach out to us on Facebook.




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