River Cruise Travel Tips for Experienced Cruisers

River Cruise Travel Tips

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Going on a river cruise is very different from cruising the ocean. Even seasoned travelers used to the particulars of ocean cruising can benefit from some of our river cruise travel tips. Of course, each cruise company and boat is different – as is each cruise itinerary and tour that you take. But, if you’re an experienced cruiser and know the basic tips, there still might be some points of interest to consider when embarking on a river cruise.

Here are some river cruise travel tips that might enhance your experience:

  • Book early to get the best deals and discounts. If you can’t do that, take advantage of other cost saving options such as Loyalty Discounts, ‘Paid in Full’ discounts or military discounts. 
  • Sometimes when you combine itineraries you can save a considerable amount of money, and, you get to see more, too! For example, try combining a Rhine River cruise itinerary with a cruise of the Danube River as well. 
  • Add Luxury – There are many ways to enhance your river cruising experience. For example, by choosing a remarkable stateroom with a balcony, you’ll always have the best seat in the house for viewing breathtaking sights. Another way to add a touch of luxury is to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment. Many ships have estheticians onboard who will provide services such as manicures, pedicures and massages. 
  • Sample the Local Cuisine – River cruise lines offer local dishes onboard to provide you with an inclusive opportunity to sample the flavors of France, Italy, Russia, and many other countries. While onshore, be sure to enjoy a memorable dinner at one of the Michelin star restaurants in the area. 
  • Go for a Ride – If your river cruise offers bicycles, you should take advantage of this opportunity. There is often no better way to get a “local’s view” of a small city or town, and you can meet up with your ship at the next port of call. Just be sure to advise your concierge of your plans. 
  • Research the Trip Itinerary – There may be certain attractions or religious sites throughout your trip that require specific clothing. For example, women might need a scarf to cover their head. Researching your trip itinerary will ensure you are prepared for any occasion.

Remember that river cruising offers you scenic land routes that are easy to visit and, since most excursions and other fees are included in the cost, you don’t have to budget for extra fees. Simply plan on having a great time!

If you are presently considering a river cruise, allow River Cruise Experts to help you plan your ideal getaway. To learn more about the different destinations and available itineraries, please contact River Cruise Experts online, by phone at 800-565-2784, or follow @RiverCruiseExp on Twitter, today.

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