River Cruise Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Best River Cruise TipsIf you’re new to the world of river cruising, you may be wondering how to make the most of your trip. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that you can use to book the rooms you want, get the best rates and take in any excursions that you may want to enjoy.

Tip #1: Book Early

With the best rooms often booked up to a year in advance, it pays to plan your river cruise as early as you can. There is also another advantage to booking early. River cruises are rarely discounted and many river cruise lines do offer an early booking discount.

Tip #2: Select a Theme

There are many themed river cruises available. By selecting one, you will ensure that your trip is tailored to the things you love. Art lovers will be impressed with one of the Art and Impressionist Cruises, while gourmets will savor their time spent on a Culinary Themed Cruise, a Wine River Cruise, or even a Beer Tasting Cruise. Even golf enthusiasts can enjoy a specialized river cruise that allows them to practice their swing on three of Europe’s finest golf courses.

Tip #3: Consider Your Transportation Options

Prior to your arrival to the first city in your itinerary, you will need to select your preferred form of transportation to the ship. Typically, there are three options to consider: Cruise line transportation, public transportation or taxi, and private car service. The simplest option would be to take advantage of the transportation services offered by your cruise line. In fact, if you purchase your airfare from AmaWaterways, Avalon or Viking, your transportation is included.

Of course, the best advice is to simply relax and enjoy your river cruise. You won’t have to worry about getting seasick, because there is no wave motion on a river cruise and no long days at sea. You will enjoy deluxe hotel-style accommodations, a relaxed dining environment and no tenders or big lines to leave the ship. So don’t worry about a thing and simply enjoy the vacation of a life time.

If you’re thinking about embarking upon a river cruise for your next vacation, contact River Cruise Experts online, by phone at 800-565-2784, or follow @RiverCruiseExp on Twitter, today.

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