Personalize Your Next Vacation with a Themed Cruise

themed-cruises-wineThemed cruises are a great way to personalize your vacation and travel with like-minded people. These cruises allow you to design your vacation based on your interests or lifestyle, and encourages learning and building new and lasting friendships. This post explores various themed cruises available to you.

What are Themed River Cruises?

A themed cruise is usually created by the cruise line and gives you a chance to explore places with people who share your interests or lifestyle. You can enhance your knowledge of a particular interest such as food and wine, or share in a common celebration like Christmas.

What Themed Cruises are Available?

Cruise lines work hard every year to create themed cruises that meet the needs and desires of their guests. Here is a list of the most popular themed cruises available.

  • Culinary – A culinary themed cruise gives you the opportunity to watch top chefs prepare their signature dishes, learn culinary tips, and indulge in amazing food.
  • Wine – You’ll have the chance to gain valuable wine knowledge from wine industry leaders on a wine themed cruise, plus visit famous wine regions and explore wineries on included excursions.
  • Holiday – A holiday themed cruise can enhance any holiday celebration. A Christmas themed cruise is delightful and magical. Cruise lines offer a festive blend of Christmas-themed entertainment with activities and decor. A Christmas themed cruise usually includes a tree lighting ceremony, a deck to deck Christmas party, as well as stops at some of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas Markets.
  • Music – The popularity of music themed cruises is growing.  These cruises draw a wide range of music lovers. Most feature a specific music genre such as jazz, big band, and classical. You’ll have a chance to see special performances by guest artists, dance to your heart’s content, and possibly sit-in for a set. Cruises along the Rhine and Danube Rivers are sure to please with shore excursions in Vienna, the music capital of Europe and Salzburg, Mozart’s hometown.
  • Sports – A sports themed cruise allows you to enjoy your favorite sport in a different setting. Golf is a very popular sports themed cruise. This themed cruise visits ports of call that give you a chance to tee off on some of the most famous golf courses in the world.
  • Art & Culture – An art themed river cruise allows you to experience how a specific culture influenced a particular civilization including its art, religion, architecture, and social structure.  Each port of call allows you to see firsthand what’s discussed on board ship.

As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from. Contact River Cruise Experts today at 1-800-565-2784 to learn more about themed cruises.

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