No travel partner? No problem.

River cruising is one of those trips where a travel partner would be nice to enjoy the experience with, but is one necessary? The short answer: no. The long answer: With scheduled tours and an intimate onboard environment, meeting like-minded people and making new friends is a breeze.

traveling solo

Cruise Specialist Edward Infanti (middle) poses with new friends on his Rhone river cruise.

The cost of cruising alone can be expensive though. Prices for a stateroom, for the most part, are based on double occupancy. That means, for example, when you see an advertised price of $2499, it’s not $2499 for the stateroom. It’s $2499 for each person in a two person room. If you decided that you’d like to go on a river cruise solo, you’d have to pay $4998.

There are no single occupancy rooms in river cruises. However, there are every now and then, times when river cruise lines waive what they call the single supplement fee. So when you see an advertised price of $2499 and you want to go on a river cruise without a travel buddy, you’ll pay $2499 for your stateroom.

AmaWaterways is offering this, waiving the single supplement on the following fall sailings:

Although this offer expires July 31, 2014, you’ll want to grab what’s left now as it’s subject to availability. Also note, the promotion doesn’t apply to Suites, AA+ or A+ categories.

If you’re serious about booking a solo river cruise, make sure you read our solo travel tips after you speak with one of our River Cruise Specialists. Call 1-800-565-2784 for details on any of the trips above.

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