How to Make the Most of Traveling Solo

Traveling-SoloThe experience of traveling on your own is a remarkable one. It offers the feeling of independence that can’t be experienced when traveling in a group or as part of a couple. That’s because a solo trip is completely about you and your interests. You can see the sights that you wish and linger as long as you please.

Traveling solo truly is a grand adventure, although some people may feel uncomfortable with the thought at first. However, one of the benefits of traveling alone on a river cruise is that you will never actually feel lonely. Due to the size of the cruise ship (typically no more than 190 people), there is an extremely social aspect of river cruising.

Very early into your trip you will notice a sense of community on board. You see the same people every day, and even take meals together at communal tables. Meeting new and interesting people is just as much a part of river cruising as seeing the sights. And if you ever feel the need to reconnect with family and friends at home, WiFi is available and included on most itineraries.

Here are a handful of insider tips to help you make the most of traveling solo on a river cruise:

Participate in shore excursions

When you go on excursions, not only will you get the most out of your river cruise, but you are also more likely to befriend other travelers who share your interests.

Befriend the staff onboard

A great way to get some insider tips about the different places on your itinerary is to befriend the staff onboard your ship.  Learn about their country and get some insider tips from them on what to see/do ashore during your free time.

Join a roll call in one of the forums

One really good way to make friends before your cruise is by joining an online forum prior to leaving for your trip.  A popular one is on Cruise Critic.

Carry a cell phone that works wherever you’re sailing

This is a good way to stay connected and to give yourself an extra sense of security. Give the concierge your number if you plan on venturing off on your own, in case something happens. Ensure you have the number of the cruise line and your travel consultant.

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