Food Onboard an Asian River Cruise

Vietnamese RecipesAs Vancouver is a multicultural city, I’ve tried many different cuisines living here. There’s no shortage of Asian restaurants, especially Vietnamese ones. So when Cruise Experts Travel President Denis Lim and I did a Mekong river cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia, what we would be eating wasn’t a concern. Denis is more adventurous than I am, but fortunately, I knew which dishes I liked and which I would prefer to stay away from. What if your exposure to Southeast Asian cuisine is limited, though?

Local Cuisine

Traveling by river cruise ship allows you to sample the local cuisine onboard. That’s part of the beauty of exploring the world this way. Prepared with the highest quality standards, you can taste what a bowl of pho is like without worrying whether you’re going to feel ill later. And if you don’t like it, order something else. In Vietnam and Cambodia, AmaWaterways employs local chefs to prepare authentic dishes for their guests.

We were impressed with the variety of southeast Asian cuisine offered onboard the AmaLotus. The Asian dessert spread was a welcome treat and exotic tropical fruit was always available. Denis couldn’t get enough of it. The fresh fruit was extra sweet and extra juicy. It just tastes better when it doesn’t have to be transported to the other side of the world.

Other Food Onboard

Although a river cruise vacation is great for trying local cuisine, you may discover that you’re craving a taste of home. At all meals, there’s always a good selection of North American options. Have a chicken breast with potatoes and vegetables instead. Perhaps a good old burger, fries and Caesar salad. Or dabble in a bit of each culture’s cuisine.


If you have special dietary needs, you should advise your River Cruise Expert at least one month before you leave for your cruise. Be sure to let the Maitre d’ onboard know, as well. Be careful with food allergies. Nuts are often used in Southeast Asian cooking, and many people are allergic to nuts. Dishes without nuts can be made easily for you, so you can still enjoy the taste of Southeast Asia without worrying about any reactions.

The sights and sounds of a river cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia will surely excite you. You wouldn’t want your taste buds to miss out. If you’re considering a Mekong river cruise, speak with one of our Cruise Specialists for more information. Call 1-800-565-2784.

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