Bringing your own wine on a European river cruise

Although river cruises include wine and beer with dinner (and some include these with lunch),  if you’re a wine lover, there may be times when you want to enjoy a bottle of wine that isn’t available onboard. I can understand that. You’re in Europe, you’re tasting different wines and you want to enjoy that delicious bottle you just bought ashore. Depending on which line you sail, you may not be able to enjoy it where you want without incurring a corkage fee.

Dinner on the Danube River aboard AmaWaterways AmaLyra

Dinner aboard AmaWaterways AmaLyra. Photo courtesy of Aaron Saunders,

Yes, even though river cruises include wine and beer with dinner (and some offer it at lunch), some still charge a corkage fee if you bring your own. The good news is, you can bring it onboard anytime, not just on embarkation day like with ocean cruises. Here’s a summary by river cruise line.

AmaWaterways: 8 euros per bottle when consumed in the dining and public areas.

Avalon: 9 euros per bottle when consumed in the dining and public areas.

Viking: no corkage fee

Uniworld: no corkage fee

Note, however, even on lines with a corkage fee, you can still enjoy your wine without incurring the cost. Simply enjoy that special bottle in the privacy of your stateroom.

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