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A Europe river cruise vacation is perfect for the active traveler. While exploring a port nearly every day and docking right in the city center, a great way to cover more ground at a leisurely pace is by bicycle. You may have the option to go on included bicycle tours, and depending on the cruise line, bicycles may even be available onboard for you to borrow to venture out on your own.

If cycling along the river path and through picturesque villages is the kind of experience you seek on your trip, then read on to learn about the different bicycle tours for AmaWaterways, Uniworld, Viking and Avalon.

AmaWaterways Guided Bicycle Tours

AmaWaterways carries more than 24 bicycles (and helmets) on their ships. It’s free for you to use, whether on an organized bike tour or for independent exploration. Even though not everybody will go on these bike tours, there could be as many 164 passengers. As you can imagine, the spots can fill up fast, so make sure your name is on the sign up sheet if you’d like to go on one of these guided tours.

Also, if there’s a tour and you want a bike to go off on your own, check with front desk first. We made the mistake in assuming there would be bikes for us when we wanted them, but first dibs go to the tour group. If they’re completely accounted for, you can wait to see if there are no-shows for the tour.

Uniworld Go Active Program

Uniworld‘s Go Active program offers travelers free bikes and Nordic walking sticks for use on the following routes:

  • European Jewels (Amsterdam to Budapest)
  • Enchanting Danube (Passau to Budapest)
  • Danube Discovery (Nuremberg to Vienna)
  • European Serenade (Amsterdam to Vienna)

Like AmaWaterways, Uniworld offers guided bike tours. As with AmaWaterways, passengers will certainly outnumber the amount of bikes onboard.

Viking River Cruises

Viking doesn’t carry bicycles on their ships. However, it’s easy to get your hands on one. Head over to the concierge desk and they’ll arrange a rental for you. Give them a couple’s days’ notice on which ports you’d like to explore by bike.

Avalon Bicycle Excursions

Avalon doesn’t carry bicycles on their ships, but they do offer optional guided biking excursions (in other words, there’s a fee to participate) from:

  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Durnstein, Austria
  • Breisach, Germany
  • Bernkastel, Germany
  • Cochem, Germany
  • Vienna, Austria

If you’re interested in biking independently, as with Viking, head over to the front desk to put in the request a couple days before.

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