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On the 11th day on our AmaWaterways Mekong river cruise and land tour, we spent the day onboard the AmaLotus, crossing the Cambodian-Vietnamese border into the town of Tan Chau. The next day we were brought to a floating catfish farm and two workshops, one that makes silk and another that makes rattan mats and slippers.

Floating home and fish farm in Vietnam

In Tan Chau: floating home with fish farm below.

We then headed to Cai Be that evening. The following day, we toured the city, known as the setting of famous French writer Marguerite Duras’ autobiographical novel The Lover. She spent many years here in her youth. I’ve yet to read the book, but if you want some history of the area coupled with a literary masterpeice, it should be an enjoyable read. Originally published in French in 1984, the book has been translated to 43 languages, including English. Set in prewar Indochina, it’s a tale of a love affair between and a teenaged French girl and the son of a Chinese millionaire in his late 20s. We visited the house of Duras’ lover which is now a small museum.

Afterwards, we headed to Xeo Quyt, a former army base during the Vietnam War. Americans bombed the heck out of this jungle during the bitter battle. Today, it’s an ecological site.

Ecological site in Vietnam

Today, this countryside area just north of Ho Chi Minh, is an ecological site.

Lotus flower

A lotus flower, the inspiration of the name given to AmaWaterways’ AmaLotus.

After lunch back onboard, we headed to Cai Be, famous for the floating market. Everything is sold here. I don’ t have a photo, but here’s a video I found online that gives you a good look!

This evening was when we had the Farwell dinner onboard. The following day, we said farewell to the fantastic crew who take great care of us. Please return on Monday for a look at our last two days of this trip in Ho Chi Minh City.

Has my experience peeked your interest in exploring Vietnam and Cambodia with AmaWaterways? For rate information, contact River Cruise Experts at 1-800-565-2784.

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