5 Cities to Visit While Cruising Through Germany

Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg, Germany

Germany is just one of the European countries which benefits from rivers running through for thousands of miles. This makes it a great place to visit by cruise as there are so many fantastic cultural and historical sites right on the water’s edge. From bustling cities to quaint villages, here are 5 cities travelers can visit while cruising through Germany:

  1. Bamberg is a small town in Bavaria located on the river Regnitz. The entire town centre is declared a UNESCO world heritage site to protect the beautiful and intricate architecture and the delicate fronts of the old buildings. The city extends across seven different hills, each of which is topped with a stunning church. These are known as the ‘Seven Hills of Bamberg’ and many of which can be seen from the city centre, saving visitors the trek up each hill.
  2. Wurzburg is also in Bavaria and sits on the banks of the river Main. The Wurzburger Residenz is its most famous attraction, a palace commissioned by two brothers and completed in 1744, now home to an impressive art collection, as well as being a very intricate building itself. Wuzburg’s other main attraction is the Festung Marienberg, a fortress just west of the town – its silhouette has been visible from the river for nearly 500 years.
  3. Wertheim is a beautiful German town located at the confluence of the Main and the Tauber rivers. The town centre is an almost perfect example of a medieval settlement, and Burg Wertheim is a fantastic example of a medieval castle, it’s daunting shadow cast across the entire town. Wertheim is also well known for its wine and its vineyards and is a great place to stock up on gifts to take back for friends and loved ones.
  4. Heidelberg is a town on the bank of the river Neckar. The older part of the town is long and narrow, and is home to the main street, lined with shops, cafés and restaurants along both sides. Over a mile of this street is pedestrianized, enabling travellers to walk freely without having to worry about traffic or safety. The ruins of Heidelberg castle can be seen from most parts of the old town and are still very prevalent despite the castle no longer being intact. Heidelberg is also home to a beautiful old stone bridge built back in 1788, and those who travel by cruise ship are granted the unique view of this architectural masterpiece from the river itself.
  5. Frankfurt is one of Germany’s largest cities and home to more than 700,000 people. It is a great place to shop and has all of the attractions of a large city, yet also retains it’s historic German charm. The city hall (called the ‘Romer’ in German) is a picture-perfect pink building which is very unlike the architecture anywhere else in Germany. Cultural highlights include the Frankfurt Cathedral, a gothic-style church where kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected beginning in 1356, and the Alte Oper, a beautiful former opera house which has now been turned into a concert hall. Visitors who travel to Frankfurt in December ought to visit the legendary Christmas market in the city’s main square.

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