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Today’s post was supposed to be about my experience in Phnom Penh, but I should really share what has just been brought to my attention (I’m now home back in Vancouver). You can see quick updates of my AmaWaterways Vietnam and Cambodia trip on my Twitter feed @BlaineTravels.

What’s so exciting that I interrupt my scheduled topic? Generally river cruises book up fast, months in advance, in fact. If you were looking to travel on a specific date on a specific ship, in a specific category stateroom, chances are, it was unlikely you’d get specifically what you’re looking for this late into the year for travel in the same year. I just got some info, however, on availability for sailings this year though December 31, 2014 with AmaWaterways. If you’re looking for a very low last minute deal, that’s not going to happen because although most of the ships are not completely full, they are almost full.

Today, I’ll simply share sailings with summer availability because those are in highest demand, but whether you want to sail this spring, summer, fall or winter, act now and give us a call. In fact, if you explore our site, you’ll see there are dates as soon as May listed, but these limited availabilities won’t last long.

Danube River

Danube River Cruise

The Danube River and ports of call.

Budapest to Rousse (or reverse)

Ports of call: Budapest, Hungary; Villany, Hungary; Vukovar, Croatia; Belgrade, Serbia; Iron Gates, Serbia; Vidin, Bulgaria; Giurgiu, Romania; Rousse (Russe), Bulgaria.

Budapest to Nuremberg

Ports of call: Budapest, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; Vienna, Austria; Melk, Austria; Passau, Germany; Regensburg, Germany; Nuremberg, Germany.

Nuremberg to Budapest (with Prague)

Ports of call: Prague, Czech Republic; Nuremberg, Germany; Regensburg, Germany; Passau, Germany; Linz, Australia; Melk, Austria; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest to Vilshofen (or reverse)

Ports of call: Budapest, Hungary;  Bratislava, Slovakia; Vienna, Austria; Durnstein, Austria; Melk, Austria; Linz, Austria; Passau, Germany; Vilshofen, Germany.

Rhine River

Rhine river and ports of call.

The Rhine River and ports of call.

Amsterdam to Basel (or reverse)

Ports of call: Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Speyer, Germany; Strasbourg, Alsace, France; Breisach, Germany; Basel, Switzerland.

Luxembourg to Nuremberg (or reverse)

Ports of Call: Luxembourg; Trier, Germany; Bernkastel, Germany; Cochem, Germany; Koblenz, Germany, Rudesheim, Germany Mainz, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Wertheim, Germany; Wurzburg, Germany; Kitzingen, Germany; Bamberg, Germany; Nuremberg, Germany.

Nuremberg to Amsterdam

Ports of call: Nuremberg, Germany; Kitzingen, Germany; Wurzburg, Germany; Wertheim, Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Koblenz, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam to Luxembourg (or reverse)

Ports of call: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Rudesheim, Germany; Mainz, Germany; Cochem, Germany; Bernkastel, Germany; Luxebourg.

Douro River

Douro River Cruise

The Douro River and ports of call.

Porto to Porto (with Lisbon)

Ports of call: Lisbon, Porto (Oporto), Regua, Barca d’Alva, Vega de Terron, Pinhao, Regua, Entre-os-Rios.

Porto to Vega Terron (or reverse)

Ports of call: Porto, Entre-os-Rios, Caldas de Aregos, Regua, Pinhao, Barca d’Alva, Vega Terron.

Other Routes

Listed above are just the routes  with multiple itineraries. Space is still available for Seine river cruises as well as Rhone and Saone river cruises. So if you’re interested in experiencing an AmaWaterways river cruise this year, please give us a call at 1-800-565-2784.

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