2014 Europe Christmas Market Dates

If you’re thinking about a river cruise in Europe to visit the Christmas Markets, make sure you’re there at the right time. Most Christmas markets close by the time Christmas rolls around. To help you determine your dates, here’s a list of the major markets with start and end dates on the Danube and Rhine rivers.

Nuremberg, Germany Christmas market

A Christmas market stall in Nuremberg, Germany. The Christmas Market here closes December 24. Photo courtesy of Aaron Saunders, FromTheDeckChair.com.

Danube River Christmas Markets

Start End
Budapest, Hungary 27-Nov 31-Dec
Vienna, Austria 15-Nov 24-Dec
Linz, Germany 22-Nov 24-Dec
Salzburg, Germany 20-Nov 26-Dec
Passau, Germany 26-Nov 23-Dec
Regensburg, Germany 27-Nov 23-Dec
Nuremberg, Germany 28-Nov 24-Dec
Prague, Czech Republic 27-Nov 14-Dec

Rhine River Christmas Markets

Start End
Basel, Germany 27-Nov 23-Dec
Colmar, Germany 21-Nov 31-Dec
Riquewihr, Germany 29-Nov 28-Dec
Speyer, Germany (closed Dec 25 & 26) 24-Nov 06-Jan
Strasbourg, France 28-Nov 31-Dec
Heidelberg, Germany 24-Nov 22-Dec
Koblenz, Germany 21-Nov 22-Dec
Cologne, Germany 24-Nov 23-Dec

Dates are subject to change without notice.

Explore our Christmas Market cruises here and as always, if you have any questions, please contact us and connect with a River Cruise Specialist by calling 1-800-565-2784.

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